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Assam Apex Weavers & Artisans Co-operative Federation Ltd. (ARTFED) was formed on 27th July 1977 by reorganizing the Assam Apex Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd. with the aims and objects that the Apex Society shall organize Handloom Weaving and other Cottage Industries in the state on Co-operative basis. The area of operation of this Apex Co-operative Federation is in the entire state of Assam. The Federation has now 16 districts and 988 number of primary level Co-operative as its members. The Co-operative Federation is creating employment opportunities to lakhs of weavers and artisans in Handloom Weaving as well as in Handicrafts activities throughout the year. The Federation is also bearing responsibilities for social development of weavers and Artisans of the State apart from economic development.

The Federation has expanded it's business to a considerable extent and made reasonable profits during the last few years, ARTFED has established 53 showrooms inside and outside the state and propose to open another 5 showrooms within the financial year. Out of 53 showrooms, 48 showrooms are located inside the states and 5 showrooms are located outside the state. The showrooms at Kolkata, Jaipur, Kanpur, Indore, Delhi (yet to be opened), Lucknow (yet to be opened) and Bangalore (yet to be opened) are owned by ARTFED as it's Capital assets. ARTFED has already opened 8 showrooms in Guwahati city of which the showroom at Rehabari is constructed at it's own land as a very sophisticated Air Conditioned showroom of the North-Eastern Region. Another showroom near Borjhar Airport is also under construction at it's own land and almost completed for opening.

ARTFED has successfully implemented numbers of Centrally Sponsored and Central Sector Schemes for Handloom and Handicrafts Sector for Production, Marketing, Welfare, Research and Development, Export, etc.

ARTFED has taken a number of Schemes/Programmes for implementation since 1995-1996 for socio economic development of Handloom and Handicrafts Sector. Almost all Schemes are sponsored by Govt. Of India, Ministry Of Textiles, Office Of The Development Commissioner, Handlooms and Office Of The Development Commissioner, Handicrafts. Due to successful implementation of the Schemes, the rate of production of handloom fabrics and productivity per weaver in household unit has gone up. The fact of market expansion has also given increased annual income to household unit of handloom weavers.

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Development Commissioner
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